Preventative Headstone Straightening

Cemetery headstones

Preventative headstone straightening may be the biggest concern in your cemetery. Many times we encounter a cemetery that have only a handful of broken monuments in the cemetery. In these situations we will repair the broken monuments, but sometimes the most pressing issue is addressing monuments that are leaning significantly.

A monument that is leaning significantly creates several issues. First off, it can create a safety and liability issue, especially if the cemetery is active. Monuments are typically heavy and weigh on average several hundred pounds. This can lead to injury in severe cases death.

Second, at a certain point the monument will fall on the ground. It is always better to straighten a monument as a preventative measure rather than repair it after it has fallen down and potentially has been broken. Preventative headstone straightening is a long-term approach, rather than dealing with the current issues.

We have a well-trained eye that can easily identify which monuments are in dire need of straightening opposed to monuments that may be okay for several years. 

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