Headstone Cleaning

Can I clean a headstone myself?

Yes. You can clean a headstone by yourself, however please research and understand all of the risks before attempting to clean a headstone. Permanent damage can occur and be costly if cleaning is not done correctly. If you do decide to attempt the headstone cleaning, use only clean water and soft brushes. If you would be interested in our professional headstone cleaning services, we would be happy to provide a proposal for you.

How much does is cost to clean a headstone?

As each headstone is unique in regards to size, material, type of soiling and other environmental factors, the cost to clean a headstone can vary significantly. We know your family monument is important to you and we want to provide prices that are fair.

How do I get started?

Feel free to either send an e-mail through our contact section of the website or call us at 717-823-0277 to discuss you headstone cleaning needs