Headstone Repair


Headstone Repair

We provide professional headstone repair services in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and beyond. We work with both individuals and cemeteries–no matter whether it is 1 monument or several hundred headstones. Other terms for headstone repair include: monument conservation, gravestone repair, tombstone repair, gravestone restoration and headstone restoration.

Our process begins by meeting with you at your cemetery to discuss your needs. Next, we look at each monument, documenting with repair descriptions, pictures and an aerial map to create a comprehensive plan. We present the proposal to you and/or your cemetery and discuss any revisions in regards to timeframe and other factors that are important to you.

After we confirm the details with your project, we will get your project on our schedule. When the time comes to begin your project, we will provide your requested headstone repairs in a professional, friendly, clean and efficient manner. After your project is complete, we do a final walkthrough to make sure everything looks good from your standpoint. We pride ourselves with not only serving our clients in the short-term, but desire to create lifelong relationships. We are also happy to provide references upon request.


What is Monument Conservation?

You may hear us using the word ‘monument conservation’ when we refer to our projects and the work we perform. In short this means that we try to conserve or preserve as much of the original monument as we are able. This also means that we don’t recommend replacing a historic monument with a new monument. The end product of our work will not make the headstone look new, but rather keep as many of the original attributes of the original headstone intact for as many years as possible. Outside of the industry, many people refer to the work we do as headstone repair, however we prefer to use the term headstone conservation.


What Products Do You Use for Your Conservation Work?

We use lime products to infill, re-set and patch headstones. Depending on the situation, we also use epoxies, gravel, crushed stone and sand.


What Are the Prices for Conserving a Headstone?

As each headstone is unique and therefore we provide proposals on headstone basis. Whether you are looking to conserve one headstone or several hundred, we will analyze and photograph each headstone to determine the best conservation method. Call us at 717-823-0277 to discuss your needs.

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