Cemetery Management

What are cemetery management services?

In many situations, cemetery boards and trustees try to get volunteers to fulfill the many day-to-day tasks in a cemetery. Many times, volunteers are hard to locate or in some cases the existing volunteers are unable to do the physical work required of the. We assist cemeteries in managing their day-to-day tasks and can be an on-site presence for funerals. Tasks include, but are not limited to: marking out plots, managing burials, digging cremation burials, laying out foundations for headstones, being a presence at a funeral and being a point of contact for sales.

Do you do mowing?

We do not currently do mowing within cemeteries, however we manage mowing contracts with local contractors. 

What are the fees?

As each cemetery is unique, fees are structured to fit within the parameters, needs, and ability of the cemetery board or organization. We would be happy to discuss the numerous options that are available.

Can you help me digitize our cemetery records?

Yes. We have helped manage and get cemetery records digitized and would be happy to help.

How do I get started?

Feel free to send us an email, submit a contact form through our website, or call us at 717-823-0277 to discuss your needs.

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