Do’s and Don’ts

Cemetery Do’s and Don’ts

Before hiring a cemetery professional, make sure to ask them about the methods and materials they use for repairs and cleaning. When in doubt, speak to a conservation professional at Roth Cemetery Services to make sure the methods your preferred cemetery professional will be attempting are industry recognized as safe and harmless. We would be happy to discuss what options are best for your headstone or cemetery! 717-823-0277


First and foremost, do no harm!


Do use lime-based mortar for repairs

Don’t use portland cement based concrete or cement

Do take caution when surveying the stability of a headstone (headstones are many times heavier than they appear)

Don’t stand under a leaning headstone

Do use clean water, appropriate biological solutions and a brush for cleaning

Don’t use a power washer, sandblaster, acid, bleach or any other non-approved cleaning method


Do enjoy preserving history through conserving headstones!

Improving the safety and aesthetics of your cemetery can give you great satisfaction.